Waterbike is a vessel which is powered exclusively by the power od human muscles. According to the rules of the International Waterbike Regatte, waterbikes must be designed, manufactured and driven by students themself. Allthough there are no specific rules about the look of the waterbikes, solutions are innovative and depend only on the team knowledge.

IWR rules:

  • Two people maximum are allowed on board
  • Dimensions do not have to extend 6 meters in length
  • Breadth has to be minor than length, always
  • Maximum draft 1.5 meters
  • Stored energy as batteries, springs, fly-wheels, etc., are not allowed
  • All parts at the boat are allowed to change during regatta, but must be stored on board
  • Repairs are alwas allowed

IWR disciplines:

  • 100 meters sprint
  • Slalom
  • Forward-stop-backward
  • Bollard pull
  • Acceleration
  • Long distance