About us

RITEH WATERBIKE TEAM is a group of enthusiastic students of naval architecture and engineering from Faculty of Engineering in Rijeka. The team was founded in 1999 with a goal to compete and also exchange skills and knowledge on the IWR (International Waterbike Regatta) with waterbike constructed and made by students.

RITEH WATERBIKE TEAM had the first appearance on the IWR in 1999 which was held in Zagreb and organized by HUSB. The second appearance was in 2000 in Flensburg  and after that RITEH WATERBIKE TEAM did not compete for 9 years.

On the jubilant XXX. IWR held in Rostock RITEH WATERBIKE TEAM made a big comeback with the new waterbike called ”Zvizda” which means ”a star”. After 2009 RWT is a continual participant of the IWR.